BBB Referral Program

Earn $100 Toward Both Your BBB Accreditation Dues 

You’re BBB Accredited, why not get your partners to become Accredited?

Invite them to apply. If approved, you and your referred business could both earn $100 off your accreditation! With enough referrals, your BBB Accreditation could pay for itself.

To be eligible for this program, you must be a current BBB Accredited Business. You may continue to earn $100 credits up to the amount of your annual accreditation renewal fee. Your referral must be approved before the 12-month billing cycle lapses and will be applied to the next year’s accreditation fee.

Tell your partners to mention your business when they apply for BBB Accreditation. In turn, they can tell their partners about becoming accredited and earn $100 for each of their approved referrals.

Help us create a community of trust, and we’ll help you with your investment.

*Eligibility Requirements: Referrals cannot be other businesses owned by you, and you must be accredited for one year in order to receive the incentive. Businesses in their first year of accreditation can certainly refer businesses, but BBB will apply the credit(s) towards your renewal invoice.

BBB Northwest + Pacific Referral Offer for BBB Accreditation